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Mental and emotional calm for professionals in a hectic world. 

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It is time to embrace mindful and meditation practices.

Science confirms what the ancient Eastern wisdom traditions worked out a long time ago– that the way to long-term success in life, an organisation, a project, is through mindful awareness and skilful being.

The more aware and conscious we develop as a species, the more skilful and aware we need to be in work and life. How we operate, think, feel and do without understanding inner skilfulness determines how much we suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness.

You and your team may benefit with what we have and can offer — peace of mind.

Taking You from Burnout to Thriving.

What is Mastery of Being™?

At Mindful Success what makes us unique is we teach the Mastery of Being™.

We teach what is needed for mastery of your mind, emotional resilience, ability to relate and problem solve in all situations with freedom from stress, anxiety and depression.

We also know there is more than just mindfulness, we bring in other important aspects of wisdom teachings and meditation to provide so much more with a greater chance of everyone finding something they can enjoy doing that suits their unique personality.

In a nutshell, we make your people happy. Happy people function and work better. Mindful and meditation practices give simple, efficient, doable strategies to overcome the stresses of work and life.

The Mastery of Being™ draws upon practical methods and techniques from different eastern wisdom traditions: Mindfulness, Zen, Vedic Transcendental meditation and self-inquiry.  We merge it all into 'Clear Space Technique™'. 

That’s why we say mindful and not mindfulness.

We understand the importance of developing a high EQ through working with the mind, the heart and our essential nature, our being. Your being is the core of you, without the labels, concepts, beliefs — the best of you.

What you need to master for emotional, mental and phycial wellbing and calm: 

The steps we provide to help you: 

Some significant personal benefits of good mindful and meditation practices are:

1. Calm – less stress

2. Wellbeing

3. Purpose – reason for being

The most important benefits to your organisation having a team with these skills are:

1. Greater productivity

2. Greater creativity and ideas

3. Less sick days & better staff retention

4. Better interpersonal relationships

5. Increased effectiveness and profit

In this era of connectivity, the way is no longer to push harder but to think smarter. You don’t have to work to the bone and be depressed and angry with an unhappy work and home life; you can thrive by learning how to be present and skilful in your being.

Our Services:

• 1/2 Day Workshop ‘The Art of Pausing’

• Thriving Workplace – 4-week 60-minute sessions focusing purely on workplace issues like stress, productivity, focus, clarity.

• Thriving Being– 4-week 60-minute sessions expanding our focus to relationships, harmony, purpose, connection.

• Executive Mentoring: Inner Mastery for Successful Leadership –

tailor-made and crafted precisely for your personal or executive team needs.

How you benefit from working with us: 

Created and founded by: 

Sally Thurley

Entrepreneur, humanitarian, best-selling author, speaker and mentor. Sally has merged her areas of expertise in business, eastern philosophy and the arts and created a unique method of creating and establishing a signature personal brand.

She has also developed and launched programs aimed towards personal peace, happiness, inner mastery using her 20 + years of study in Eastern wisdom philosophy.

Sally spent years as a corporate curator, is also a fine artist, professional chef and is now corporate wellness coach. She is a well-qualified creator and facilitator of the Mastery of Being™.

Sally uses creative ingenuity to solve problems and brings wisdom and heart to help establish peace and joy in a chaotic world.

To speak with Sally, please contact us at:

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